When she's not writing about fish you can find her hiking, swimming, and doing yoga. Feed meaty foods to this carnivorous fish which loves eating insects. I think the real question here is: should a Betta fish live in a jar? In the wild, the average betta fish lifespan won’t be quite as long as in an aquarium. First, 10-gallons would be the minimum size for a sorority, and a 20-gallon long tank would be best. Another great way to increase the number of years a betta fish lives is by keeping them in a proper tank. Just like any other animal, the average betta fish lifespan can change drastically depending on the level of care you provide. Why You Have A Cloudy Fish Tank (And How To Fix It), Why Your Betta Fish Is Laying At The Bottom Of The Tank, Indian Almond Leaves: Benefits For Your Aquarium, The 35 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants (Must-See), 35 Peaceful Community Fish For Your Tank (Updated List), Malaysian Trumpet Snail 101: Detailed Info & Care Tips. They also need lots of spaces to hide and rest, while feeling safe. The betta fish lifespan is between 2-5 years. Bulging eyes, faint colors, and any other external red flags will help give you a good idea. Especially if you bought them from a shop that keeps them in plastic cups. Generally, betta fish will live for 3 to 5 years. Most pet stores supply 1 … Ideally, you’d have 4 maybe 5 females in this 10-gallon tank and no more (again the 20-gallon long would be better). This will help to keep the tank’s water temperature consistent. Your tasks for a betta with a long life starts before you even buy your fish. Reply from David C. Amazingly, betta fish live for 2 to 3 years on average. Water Quality is Critical. The Siamese fighting fish lifespan depends on several factors.   Keeping the water clean by performing frequent water changes will help, especially if your Betta is kept in an non-aerated aquarium. Bryan is the founder of bettafish.org and has been keeping and caring for betta fish for 10 years. Perhaps so they have something longer than a few months to shoot for, I don’t know. This makes tap water safe for your fighting fish. Happy and Healthy Bettas for Extending Your Betta’s Lifespan. !He has lived in a 1/2 gallon size fish bowl!I feed him when I remember every 3 or 4 days My kitties drink out of his home and never try to eat him.I have 4 by the way He has 2 small peace Lilly plants that float and grow in his environment and he has grown some sort of flower shape on his tail fin and like a turkey waddle under his chin .He is active and in great shape and beautiful and amazing and I love him and I have moved him in winter and summer jiggling around in my truck when I moved several times .I think he is 1 in a million Love your Betta.Laurie Feb 10 2019, Excellent article, very helpful. In the wild, betta fish have abundant access to prey and are active carnivores (insectivores to be exact). A 25% weekly water change was recommended. For any fish, poor water quality equals poor health. Its diet required fiber and protein. Hello! With the right knowledge and passion, you can certainly expect your betta fish to live for 2-3 years. A fish that has grown up in subpar living conditions and isn’t healthy simply won’t live as long. This means you should never have them share a tank with fish that aren’t a good match. I’m a grandma! Several owners have even reported lifespans of 9 and 10 years, but that’s not realistic for every betta. If everyone seems healthy, a transfer attempt is probably not too risky though. It’s always tough for me to answer this type of question but I will give you some general advice so you can make and educated decision and plan of action. On the other hand, as much as 6 years can be quite possible. Is there a way to use an automatic Betta feeder where both fish can be fed daily? On average, they can live around 3 years. Should I remove the seashell? This is the average lifespan. I learn something new all the time on my Bettas. How Long Do Betta Fish Live: If you want your betta to live a full, and healthy life, you need to help create a conducive environment. The article gives an analysis of Betta Fish Lifespan. Betta Fish Lifespan : 3 - 5 years, possibly longer. Beta get bored seeing the same guy next door… so rotate your beta if you have more then one… it’s something new, that will excite them, and get them to want to display once again… these fish enjoy displaying… the pet betas you see, would be so terribly board out of their minds with no one to display to, I think they would go insane to be honest… it’s basic observation people… don’t think that we are the only intelligent beings on this planet… some of the smallest beings can be just as intelligent… let your beta have any many exciting, new experiences… amusements, adventures(from the tank)… change their toys, change around the caves, and plants, and plastic caves, etc. If you love your pet Betta fish and want to increase its lifespan then look at the nutritional need of your little buddy. I’m happy to hear the first two are doing well. Can I just change out to treated tap water or is there a process? The Betta fish, Siamese fighting fish, or betta as it’s known by its genus, is an elegant tropical freshwater fish that is popular as a pet and often housed in eclectic home aquariums. The average lifespan of a betta fish in capvity is higher than in wild; depends on the genetics, living condition, tank mates, and the care. Also, there’s a good chance that males will injure each other due to their aggressive territorial nature. However, in captivity, with the right care, a betta can live up to 10 years. www.piscespros.com - Ever wonder why most pet betta fish only live for 1 year or less when their natural lifespan is 2-3 years? There is so much conflicting advice out there, I just don’t know who to turn to anymore. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Second, always inspect your … They are just like other intelligent animals, with displaying as one of their hardwired behaviors… hey he displays to show off to the guys, and to attract a female!! Usually, if nothing unforeseen happens, a Betta Fish will live about 2 … However, it is not uncommon for well cared for bettas in an aquarium to live to 5+ years with scatter reports of them living to nearly 10 years. Many factors affect the lifespan of a betta fish. When other males come into a male Betta’s space, they will start fighting, which can decrease their lifespan … When a betta fish purchased at a pet store, it is usually fully mature. So much personality…I am quite smitten. I thought when I bought them that they could be in a bowl but since then I’ve learned that they need more room and a heater. It should come as no surprise that purchasing a healthy fish from a reputable supplier will make a huge impact on the lifespan of your betta fish. Is it a very bright color? This often leads to betta keeping before doing the proper research on how to care for them. Generally it’s important to feed your betta a diet that is diverse and contains variety. Betta Fish: Care Guide, Lifespan, Facts And Compatibility. Love is beautiful. In reality, most fish stores sell bettas after they’re six months to a year old. While betta pellets are a great start, you should also be incorporating freeze-dried, frozen, or live bloodworms and brine shrimp to really get all of the nutrients they need. And a smaller tank you have to change the water more frequently and when that happens the fish gets very stressed out and gets anxiety and that deals with its … The common misconception that these fish don’t live for a long time is due to the fact of tank and living variables. Everywhere I’ve read says to have a minimum of 3 females in a sorority tank. One thing I was wanting to ask is? and any recommendations to what I should do? Hi Cindy, if you have high pH tap water, I would recommend using spring water instead, although that may get expensive if you have that many tanks. Plus one 10 gallon. Maybe 5 years in really good living conditions with the best fish care possible. Yay, I’m doing it right! They are extremely hardy fish and will survive conditions that would kill other specie. All comments are moderated and will not be visible until they are approved. I have made many changes but nothing is working. Has he calmed down around it yet? The … To help a betta fish live longer, feed it a healthy diet that consists of live food, betta pellets, and frozen fish food. However, we highly encourage you to take a second to learn about the factors that can influence how long they live. Aquarium salt may also help for stress or swelling and slime coat activation. Because there are so many myths about the proper care for this species in captivity, their life spans are drastically reduced and almost always cut in half. Initially it was worse, and I fasted him 3 days and then fed him 1/4 pea. Most betta fish won’t even touch regular tropical fish flakes because this food is inadequate to their needs. The lifespan of a fighting fish depends on several factors. !… at least in some pet shop displays, they can see each other… but!!! Since they are so popular, nearly every pet store will sell them, so you won’t struggle to find one in your area. How long a betta fish will live depends on a variety of factors though. Water conditions and maintenance (regular water changes and testing). I just got a beautiful male Betta for my toddlers to watch. Although it is claimed that with proper care, they may live even further, chances of seeing a Betta fish older than four years of age is extremely rare. Our Betta fish, Zsa Zsa recently died, and I am wondering what their expected life span is? As a final recommendation, betta fish are tropical fish and require a steady warm water temperature in the range of 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit. I think my beta is dying. I have two bettas in small bowls, have had them for a year and they don’t look very good. Betta fish are carnivores and need a varied diet rich in protein. These stores will sell male bettas when they are approximately one year old, and female bettas when they are roughly six months old. We have such a bond, and I want to ensure he has the best and longest life he possibly can. While betta fish are often sold in small bowls or plastic containers, these are not the ideal conditions for a betta fish to thrive. A 1 gallon would require daily water changes while maintaining a constant temperature which is extremely hard to do and leads to constant stress. Hi how can I keep the bottom of the tank clean from wasted food? You have to remember, in a lot of cases, they were raised in an environment that’s very detrimental to their health. He has helped me so much with my depression. The oldest recorded betta was 10 years old. The biggest dietary risk to bettas is overfeeding. I have a female betta who is about 4 years old who got SBD and now she sinks like a rock as soon as she stops swimming ever since. Also be very careful buying baby bettas labeled females from fish stores because sometimes they are mis-labeled and turn out to be males.

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